Exclusive Sneak Peak!

Coming next month is the beginning of something I have been hinting at for a while now.
The Endless Saga, which will kick off with a triple release.
Firstly is the arrival of the new series, the Dystopian Detective featuring Ella Carr from Symbiotica with Shae and Amy they are investigating the impossible, in the only way the impossible could.
This is then joined by the first Pentalore book, Darkseed which sees the beginning of a five part series.
Finally the return of Proteus as they venture in to the Universe beyond our own to save Lunar but discovering there are nightmares waiting in this Dark Universe.

Yeah, I know... I have told you this already... but... I am pleased to say, I just completed the cover artwork this morning.

All three books are due out in June!

Artwork - Tie Chen from Symbiotica

A big part of my creative effort with the books does still involve going back to simple pencil and paper.
I wanted to explore one of the cheekiest and probably most insane characters in Symbiotica - the frankly bonkers Tie Chen and her Symbiote Verish Loria.
Tie is known to misbehave all the time and since bonding with Verish really doesnt give a monkey's that she runs around in her hybrid human alphian form.
I thought I would take a look at these infamous fleshy "tendrils" the alphians have for hair and at the same time capture a little of that cheekiness Tie is know for.


Time for a May Update

All seems to be happening at the moment and I have to admit, I have been quite pleased to have released both Pentalore The Forgotten Library and Symbiotica Dystopia & A Matter of Time over the last month.

Also it is worth noting the new shiny website and blog covering everything. My old blog was not exactly user friendly... nuff said.

However, you are in for a treat no matter which series you like, because you are about to get the motherload....

Everything that has been happening of late has been leading up to the Endless Saga. This will not only see more cross overs with Symbiotica and Proteus, but see the new Pentalore Series cross over in to Proteus and the launch of an entirely new series, The Dystopian Detective.

The Endless saga will be launched with three... yes, three books all being released on the same day.

The Dystopian Detective - The Ancient Girl
"Up in the mountains of the Yorkshire Pennines the longest day of the year rapidly approaches and for the locals, an event that they fear is upon them. Ella and her alien symbiote Shomis are sceptical of the legends and myths surrounding the so called Lost Girl of Tatterslong, a dark story that goes back hundreds of years, however with Shae and Amy both excited at the prospects of solving this mystery they indulge their curiosity.
As the dreaded night seems to pass without incident, Ella find her scepticism justified however when Amy doesn't come down to breakfast in their hotel, they find themselves facing not only a legend, but the fact one of their own has been abducted. It soon becomes apparent they are not the only paranormal forces at work in Tatterslong as they try to solve the riddle and find their friend before the sun sets on the day and the news that once it does, Amy will never be seen again."

Proteus - Dark Universe
"Things on Beletrix have settled down and with both Saya and Miras nearly ready to begin their work, they are dragged in to service unexpectedly when Lunar, Miras's younger sister ship suffers a terrible disaster and is stranded in subspace. Mother and daughter working together must try and rescue Lunar before she is utterly lost and a daring plan is formed, however within subspace itself, things are moving that should not be there. With time against them and lives at risk will Zenni and Saya be able to save the Lunar and her crew and what terrible discoveries will they find hiding in the space beyond our universe?"

Pentalore - Darkseed
"For Doctor Cali Darkholm, Essauberg was the perfect home. Having moved to the sleepy mountain town, she had set up a practice and grown to love the locals. Trying to piece her life back together after the car crash, her memory fragmented she finds herself up in the mountains with her best friend enjoying a little down time. Things never last though after being called out to a gruesome murder scene she find herself running for her life from creatures that defy belief. As these predators close in her find herself faced with her own past, finding her life is not quite what she had thought it was as she learn the secret of who she really is but perhaps more importantly, what she really is."

The Endless Saga will continue with...

Proteus - Dark Empire
Symbiotica - Monsters of Toyko
Proteus - Of Darkness and Light

And currently in writing are....
Dystopian Detective - The Tourist
Proteus - Ghosts
Pentalore - Awakening
Pentalore - Legends
Pentalore - The Thirteen Sisters

I know... I am a glutton for punishment....

Keep watching the skys....


Pentalore Prelude - The Forgotten Library

I am extremely proud to introduce Pentalore, specifically the prelude to the series, the Forgotten Library.
I have been working on Pentalore now for nearly 15 years, writing and developing the story and I am almost struggling to believe I have the first book out.

Available from:
Rakuten Kobo
Apple iTunes
Barnes & Noble
Amazon Kindle

Also available at other afflicated retailers priced at $3.99 for the Ebook
The book is suitable for Teens upwards.

Rate 5 / 5 (Kobo)

Here is the Blurb:
"Deep in the heart of Medieval City of Chester, down a dark back alley, hidden by the most obscure entry, is a crack in an ancient stone wall. Beyond that crack is a dark and dusty gallery of books, the memories of an alternative history best forgotten by the human world.
It would be a summer holiday Marcus Knort would never forget as one day he decides to follow his secretive best friend down a street he had never seen, disappearing through a crack in an ancient wall, finding himself confronted with the Forgotten Library and its imprisoned curator.
Offering fantastical tales of heroism, tragedy and the unique perspective only its demonic curator could give, Marcus and Dee barter stories from the Library's guardian and learn what they knew of the world, may not be what they were taught in school."

The Forgotten Library is the prelude to the Pentalore series offering a unique glimpse in to a twisted and strange history. For two young children, they find themselves of an adventure spanning thousands of years as they learn the secrets of the Library from its immortal imprisoned curator, Biferus, a wise scientist and scholar who has been forced to maintain this vault of forbidden knowledge.
Exchanging boiled sweets and treats from their world, join the beginning of their journey with strange twists on familiar stories as they come to realise the world is far stranger than you could imagine and that demons are not only real, but walk amongst us and they are not what we think.
The Forgotten Library is now in its Second Extended Edition with nearly 30,000 words of new content, heavily reworked and revised. Taking the original story this reworked edition adds four new stories to the collection as well as an extended ending and a new Epilogue.

Symbiotica Book 5 - Dystopia

Symbiotica is back, and this time its crashing down to Earth.

Available from:
Rakuten Kobo
Apple iTunes
Barnes & Noble
Amazon Kindle

Also available at other afflicated retailers priced at $3.99 for the Ebook
The book is suitable for Teens upwards.

Rate 5 / 5 (Kobo)

Here is the blurb!
"She should have been happy. More money than she could ever imagine with all the luxuries and security it afforded and a new best friend in her life in the shape of her alien partner, Ella Carr had everything she wanted. Regardless very little had changed in her life. Stuck between two worlds with neither of them accepting her, she never felt more alone, especially with her ex lover living on another planet now.
With a dark political change sweeping Earth and governments becoming increasingly fearful of anything different, the group make a decision to ensure their future safety. Two new facilities are planned, one in Japan and the other in England giving the group options in case things take a more sinister turn and it is up to Ella and Brie to break ground on the UK operation.
Travelling back to Manchester to establish the head office, Ella still feels lost, but it's not long before she's reluctantly dragged in to her old life once again. With her friends in grave danger Ella must balance her secret against her duty to the people she loves as she is pulled in to a dark underworld of money and violence.
Meanwhile back in the United States, Sheriff Lofthouse is faced with a dark dilemma. Her former partner from New Oxford City Police, Sarah Ash is still in a coma after the injuries she sustained in the line of duty and she faces an uncertain future when those who were charged with her care abandon her and Sellie has to come to terms with the fact her best friend is dying. Sellie must decide if she is to let her go or to take more radical action which could put everything she has worked towards in her life in jeopardy.
Will Sellie get Sarah the help she needs possibly at the cost of her own career and freedom, and will Ella be able keep her secret while saving her friends and finally find a place where she can be happy?"

Dystopia continues the 'Arbiter's Journey Saga' in this fast paced and thrilling second instalment as Ella finds herself fighting a dark criminal underworld with the lives of her friends hanging in the balance. Now rewritten and extended with far more detail and character development Dystopia also now features an entirely new story as you follow Sheriff Lofthouse as she is faced with a terrible decision that could very well end her career as she fights to save her best friend's life.
Now twice the book it used to be with 33,500 words of new content this Ultimate Edition of Dystopia brings an entirely new angle to the world of Symbiotica as the prelude to the Dystopian Detective Series. It also includes the Proteus Unhinged Mini Story 'Sight Seeing' as Koli is let loose on the city of Manchester.

Symbiotica Book 4 - A Matter of Time

I am very pleased to announce the long awaited return of Symbiotica in this action comedy adventure featuring some familiar faces as Ella, Tie, Flip and Koli join forces with a small town Sheriff to solve a big mystery.

Available from:
Rakuten Kobo
Apple iTunes
Barnes & Noble
Amazon Kindle

Also available at other afflicated retailers priced at $3.99 for the Ebook
The book is suitable for Teens upwards.

Rate 5 / 5 (Kobo)

Here is the Blurb:

"It was supposed to be the start of a new chapter in Sherriff Lofthouse's career, having transferred from the daily mayhem and murder of the big city to the sleepy town of Wyvern, a place were very little happens. After only a month in her new job, she is called out to a very mysterious death, the victim mummified after only a matter of hours after last been seen. With little to go on, no suspects or motives, she is about to reluctantly close the case, when a second body is found, mummified in a similar horrific way as she finds herself thrust in to what appears to be a murder enquiry.
Catching two individuals snooping around the first crime scene she drags them in for questioning, but things are never what they seem as she realises she has met them before from a case that still haunts her. However when the Stationhouse is destroyed by a mysterious energy wave, she is forced to trust her odd prisoners and find herself on a wild ride in to the impossible, travelling to places she never imagined and meeting creatures that are beyond belief.
Will Sheriff Lofthouse and her new friends get to the bottom of this mystery that is now threatening everything she holds dear and ultimately where is this journey taking her?"

A Matter of Time sees the return of Symbiotica in this tense, funny and slightly insane romp around our galaxy as a small town Sheriff gets dragged in to a very big secret head first with Tie, Ella, Flip and everyone's favourite bonkers little ship Koli. The stakes could not be higher and with Earth under threat can they solve this mystery in time, or will Ella just end up strangling Tie?
Reworked and heavily expanded, this Ultimate Edition of "A Matter of Time" features 28,000 words of new material including richer back stories and character expansion as the book becomes the first part of the "Arbiters Journey Saga". In addition to the main story is a new Proteus Unhinged mini story, "Winds of Change" which sets up for events in the next book, Dystopia.

Artwork - Delip Shipyards

It is a sight hard to imagine. A ship yard with the three Titans, Miras, Valla and Koshi all circling the elder sister Terrik. I thought I would give this scene some form with a daybreak style shot.

Zenni takes a break from her bonding with Miras in Proteus Book 1
"She looked over the flats from there vantage point on this sandstone outcrop. In front of them, Miras, Koshi and Vaj were resting and from here, it was hard grasp the scale, but watching the tiny dots by their side moving away from tiny toy like transports, it put things in to perspective. These ships were nearly three thousand ottons in length. Easily as large as a town. Inside each were filled with twelve thousand stasis pods, and those little dots moving inside were people, preparing for their journey."

Artwork - Terrik barely survived

In Symbiotica - The Way Home we learn that Terrik managed to barely survive her escape from Alphius Prime. Near death having been hit by the shockwave from the collapse of the Alphian star, she only just made it in to orbit. I often wondered what this scene would look like, and this is it.
She does survive thanks to her crew, but having lost her stardrive and remaining in a critical condition, the best she can do is limp to what could only be best described as a safe port and hope someone will come back to rescue them.

From Symbiotica - The Way Home

"Status commander," she croaked, a drip of blood running from her lip.
"Multiple hull breaches, no propulsion outside of manoeuvring thrusters, engineering reports the matrix drive is all but destroyed. The ship sustained considerable damage from the breaches alone. Sensors are totally inoperative so we have no idea where we are. Sublight engines are heavily damaged, but engineering are currently working on those right now. We should have them repaired in approximately five hours, that's if we last that long. At current estimates we have less than four hours of reserve energy left," she replied, her heart heavy.
"What of the other ships? Did they manage to escape?" Neyra asked frowning up at her.
"We were in high orbit when the plasma storm hit," she sighed. "The Titan's were barely off the ground. We don't know if any of them survived, but we can hope. What are your orders?"
"Have all decks report. We need damage assessments. See if Terrik is able to give us anything or at least how we can help her. Priorities right now are life support and getting us moving. We will deal with whatever comes next. Check to see also if Alphius Five's orbital platform survived the initial plasma wave. If it did, we may find safe port there for a time."

Artwork - Stardrive Mid Jump

Ever wondered what really was in my imagination when one of the Proteus ships travel faster than light? This is what I imagined with the event horizon of a Quantum Matrix Window…

Artwork - Terrik & Lunar

The last two Ships of Proteus & Symbiotica - Terrik and Lunar.

As you can see while the family resemblence is there, they is quite different to the other ships in the fleet in their mass. Their body plans are considerably shorter, more akin to Koli in  way. These are the second generation bodies with offensive and defensive capabilities.
(Updated with new 3D models, textures and design work)

Proteus Book 3 - The Last Survivor

It’s here. The epic conclusion to the Proteus Neo Alphius Saga in the shape of the Last Survivor.

Available from:
Rakuten Kobo
Apple iTunes
Barnes & Noble
Amazon Kindle

Also available at other afflicated retailers priced at $3.99 for the Ebook
The book is suitable for Teens upwards.

Rate 5 / 5 (Kobo - based on the Proteus Neo Alphius Box Set Rating)

Here is the Blurb...

"For Zenni and Saya, the weight of their world is on their shoulders as they return to Neo Alphius with new hope having found their long lost kin, no longer survivors, but thriving on a strange alien world called Earth. Returning with Miras's sister ships Terrik and Lunar along with all the help their stricken people need, it soon becomes clear the situation is more critical than they imagined.
At Miras's heart is an experimental reactor that only her conscious mind can control and with Miras dying, Zenni and her new friends must urgently cure and evacuate the survivors of their hellish world. Therein lies the problem. With twelve thousand survivors to relocate, they need a new home world.
As it seems though the answers to their dilemma are in the past, not the present with the exploits of a little ship that escaped their end of the world as part of Koli's three hundred year story is finally revealed along with a surprising new hope.
Will the people of Neo Alphius find their new home, what really happened to the small crew of Koli in the years they searched the stars and will Zenni and Saya honour their promise to save Miras from her fate?"

The Last Survivors is the thrilling conclusion to the Proteus Neo Alphius Saga with the worlds of Proteus and Symbiotica colliding head on as the race to evacuate Neo Alphius begins.
Featuring a retrospective from the author on Proteus and also a second "Proteus Unhinged" mini story.

Artwork - Miras from Proteus

When it comes to scale, the Titans really do stagger belief that a living creature could ever get to that size. One of the three sister Titans, Miras was the only one to survive the destruction of Alphius Prime, making it to Neo Alphius where things went radically wrong. Unlike the other spec sheets I have cut down on the renders in favour of giving a size comparison guide.
I think for the moment that covers everything. I may take a look at the twin sisters Terrik and Lunar at some point.
(Updated with new 3D models, textures and design work)

Artwork - Saya from Proteus

When I sat down with the basic ideas for Saya, I have a few things to think about. Saya is technically a child in her own way. She is only half her adult size so I had to think about what a "baby" starship would look like and I took a few cues from nature. Saya features the basic Proteus ship body plan although you may notice she is a little different from Koli. Miras, her mother is one of the Proteus Titan's which have a slightly different body plan from Koli or Terrik.
The main theme though is the fact while very beautiful and streamlined, she is rather gangly too with far longer "arms" than is natural for her body size which is still quite small, much like most baby animals are (all arms and legs).

(Updated with new 3D models, textures and design work)

Artwork - Koli from Symbiotica

You have read about her, laughed at her insanity, and if you have read Proteus the Long Way Round, felt sad for her, but here, finally is one of my favourite characters from Symbiotica and Proteus, Koli.

In the books, I found it very hard to describe Koli and her sister ships because of the fact they are organic sentient star ships but I always had a clear vision in my head.

The base mesh work for Koli is not new. When you write, you always have to set out everything you want to do, and I sketched and did basic mesh work to give myself an idea of what I was writing about and as you can see from these, its not hard to understand why I had trouble descibing her.

(Updated with new 3D models, textures and design work)

Artwork - RM7 Jump Ship

When it comes to writing, you can paint a vivid picture with the words, but as an artist, design and general creative bod, I do like to bring my creations in words to life.
Throughout the Proteus books, one support ship is featured quite a bit - the so called Jump Ship. These small support vessels are designed for short range crew and cargo transport.
I always had an idea in my head, much like I have had for Koli, Saya and Miras, but words alone really dont do justice to my thoughts and imagination.
Last night, I sat down and pencilled out a rough sketch of the Jump Ship. This morning I grabbed those ideas, sat down with Blender and started work on turning the pencils in to a proper vision.
Once I had the basic designs done, inside and out, exported the models to poser, properly textured and applied effects and the result is right here.

Proteus Book 2 - The Long Way Round

I am pleased to announce the arrival of Proteus - The Long Way Round, the second book in the Proteus Neo Alphius Saga.

Available from:
Rakuten Kobo
Apple iTunes
Barnes & Noble
Amazon Kindle

Also available at other afflicated retailers priced at $3.99 for the Ebook
The book is suitable for Teens upwards.

Rate 5 / 5 (Kobo - based on the Proteus Neo Alphius Box Set Rating)

Here is the Blurb:
"Saya and her crew have reluctantly left the diseased world of Neo Alphius behind, their mission simple. Return back to the desolate remains Alphius Prime to rescue the crew of Terrik, stranded for nearly three hundred years following the cataclysm that destroyed their home. With no idea where home really is the only clue they have is the distress call from Grand Council Neyra and a plan to attempt to triangulate the path home. It does not take long for Zenni and her team to realise they are not alone in this universe as they venture in to the darkness, mysterious transmissions and strange phenomenon grabbing their attention as they push deeper.

On Neo Alphius thing are not progressing well, the plague is not as easily cured as they had hoped. With Grand Council Orles near death, Miras deteriorating and unrest in the villages there is treachery in the air as Mara plans to seize control and lead the survivors down a perilous path.

Back out in the depth of space the crew of Saya make a shocking discovery, finding a strange trading station which hold more than a few surprises, not least the news that they were not the only ship to escape Alphius Prime's end, the crew of Koli having passed through the station some hundred and fifty years before, but it is not long before they make an even darker discovery that offers hope to find their long lost home world.

Will Zenni return to the ruins of Alphius Prime and rescue the survivors of Terrik, will Orles and her friends stop Mara from destroying the plan to save their people from the plague and what secret does a mysterious dark warship have in store our heroes?"

Following on from the events in Proteus The Lost World, follow the strange and thought provoking adventure of a strange crew of misfits and heroes as they search for the path back to their home meeting the most bizarre and strange aliens along the way.
With action, humour, shocks and thrills and a few twists for good measure, The Long Way Round is sure to entertain.
Also featuring the mini science story 'A Curious Mind Part 2', following young Roch as she looks at the biological side of Alphian physiology.

Proteus Book 1 - The Lost World

I am very pleased to announce the arrival of Proteus The Lost World, the first book in the Proteus Neo Alphius Saga.
This Story although separate is directly tied in to the events in Symbiotica. In fact a number of the characters make semi guests appearances in Proteus, even if they were in the past.

Available from:
Rakuten Kobo
Apple iTunes
Barnes & Noble
Amazon Kindle

Also available at other afflicated retailers priced at $3.99 for the Ebook
The book is suitable for Teens upwards.

Rate 4.5 / 5 (Goodreads & Kobo)

Here is the Blurb
"For Zenni Quinett, all she wanted was a quiet life. After a horrific accident she retired from her life as a test pilot, living a simpler life growing borra beans on her plantation and healing her host of her injuries. With the shocking news that their world was coming to an end, she finds herself reluctantly thrust in to her old life, dealing with a secret that no one can know. Miras, the living ship she is charged with piloting is more than just a machine of sorts, but a living being with a wilful and arrogant mind of her own.
As the end comes sooner than expected, Zenni find her charge impossible to control. In the chaos, they escape to dead space, the only survivors of Alphius Prime, no clue where they are. She was not responsible, Miras deciding her own fate, ignoring her instructions and acting on her own accord, and so damaged and low on fuel, Miras finds a new world.
Disgraced and dishonoured, unfairly blamed for the mess, Zenni find herself exiled to the Mountains, returning to her simpler life bearing the burden of the secret for the good of her people. For a time they prospered, rebuilding their civilisation but eighty years on, a mysterious plague strikes their world. As their proud city is overrun by the infected, the survivors flee to the mountains and so began two hundred years of hell. Shrouded in a thick red fog, the streets of New Meylon are stalked by foul nightmarish creatures, monsters that were once her own friends and family. For two hundred years they try to survive and find a cure to save those trapped, consumed by this plague without success.
When a little girl from the camp is blighted by the disease, Zenni find herself flung in to a dangerous mission. Together with Prina, her slightly mad friend, they must return to New Meylon, find a drug stored on her former charge and rescue an impulsive teenager hell bent on saving her sister.
Things are not what they seem though. Under that thick red fog, hidden from the world, things are happening. They are being watched by a mysterious force and as their mission unravels, they find something beyond reason.
In the heart of the death and destruction, they find a little girl whose name means hope."

Proteus - The Lost World is an action adventure set on the strange world of Neo Alphius where the survivors of Alphius Prime struggle to survive, fighting not only the world, but their own kind now mindless zombies stalking the streets of their ruined city.
Proteus tell the story of Miras and Zenni, ship and pilot as they struggle to make good the mistakes of their past and bring their people back from the nightmare they are trapped in.
Included with the book is the mini story / reference guide "A Curious Mind" which explains the technology behind Proteus.

Seasons Greetings and News...

Seasons Greeting! I come bearing gifts and news from the odd world of Symbiotica.
 Self publishing for me was something of a new world. Without proof readers and editors nagging me, I found writing these books to be liberating, however at the same time, going back was also frighteningly enlightening.
I have often grumbled about revision, but now without that safety net I have found a new appreciation for them, after I went back and looked at Book 1, finding I had more than a few spelling and grammar mistakes. I thought I had proof read it well. Turns out, I had missed a great deal.
What started out as a minor fix turned in to a complete overhaul, not just for the first book, but all of them although I have to say, as I progressed I seem to have improved my proof reading skills with only minimal problems in books 4 and 5.
So, the first gift of sorts is Symbiotica books one to five are now on a second edition, cleaned, checked and with minor rewrites and plot continuity issues sorted, the stories are now one hundred percent.
Simply go to Smashwords and update your copy.
Hold on though. There is more.
When I wrote Symbiotica, hidden out of sight of my readers was my character bible. Over 20,000 words of information and background on each of the characters in the books. It seemed a shame to waste this, so I decided to include this within the books.
At the end of each of the five books, you will find a mini story of sorts which deals with these characters profile called ‘Flip’s Dossiers’. Featuring Phillipa Connors and Koli, everyone’s favourite manic little star ship, these playful and at times obtuse stories take place after the events of book five. Don’t worry, there are no real spoilers to them, but as each of the characters are introduced in the books, you now have detailed information on who they are and their back ground.
Now, gifts over.  A little bit of news.
Those of you who have read book five, will know I deliberately left a thread dangling at the end. The story was over, but this thread offered the possibility of a new road for Symbiotica. However, I also felt the Symbiotica story was over, the characters having taken their journeys.
Symbiotica started life as an escape from the mainstream commercial writers world for me, a chance to explore darker and stranger erotic subject matter. As the books continued, things got more complex though as the stories and characters grew in complexity and depth, eventually culminating in the final book which due to its subject material had no erotic content in it, focused purely on the characters and their world.
With this rich and vivid lore now firmly entrenched, book five had evolved from the original concept of Symbiotica in to something more akin to my commercial books.
So, here is the surprising news. There is going to be another book. In fact the first pass of the book is actually done. What started as a vague collection of thoughts and ideas evolved in to a whole new complex and detailed story at a speed that actually frightened me.
Because Symbiotica was over though, I decided to start fresh.  So I am pleased to introduce the Proteus Series of books, the first of which is called 'The Lost World’.
Proteus, which fans of the book will know is the name of the family of star ships Koli and her sister Terrik belong to, is a science fiction adventure that is rated for all ages with no adult material.
It follows on from the final book of Symbiotica but is easily picked up, with a whole new cast of rich and detailed characters and a strange new world to immerse yourself in.
So, without further ado… here is the tease.
“For Zenni Quinett, the disgraced and exiled pilot of the Titan class vessel Miras, all she wants is a quiet life, tending to her crops on Neo Alphius. Unfairly blamed for the events that led them to this new world, she bears her burden and keeps the secret of the Proteus family of ships for the good of her people. That they were more than just organic ships, but living sentient creatures with minds and wills of their own.
When a little girl from the camp is blighted by the plague that has ravaged their people, Zenni find herself reluctantly flung in to a dangerous mission. To return to New Meylon, their once proud city to bring back a drug stored on her former charge and to rescue the impulsive teenage sister of the afflicted child.
Sneaking through the city shrouded by a vicious red fog that has covered it for centuries, they must avoid the Necrotites, monsters that roam the now dead city, the diseased creatures than we once her people. She must find the drug in the rotting remains of Miras and retrieve the potential cure.
Things are not what they seem though. They are being watched by a mysterious force and as their mission unravels, they find something beyond reason.
In the heart of the death and destruction, they find a little girl who’s name means hope.”
Proteus Book 1 - The Lost World - Due January 2017
Stay tuned for more on this, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year!
Alexander Nassau