Proteus - Dark Empire Released

The Second book of this months releases comes in the shape of probably the hardest book I have written with Proteus Dark Empire.

Available from:
Rakuten Kobo
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Also available at other afflicated retailers priced at $3.99 for the Ebook
The book is suitable for Teens upwards.

Rate 5 / 5 (Kobo)

Here is the Blurb:

"Our friends are licking their wounds after the events of Dark Universe, the Apeyron having inflicted a price on everyone with Saya heavily damaged and Loren and Lunar in critical condition. They need to know who these Apeyron are and where they came from and with them threatening to return to our Galaxy to reclaim their dark empire, they must find a way to stop them.
As everyone on Beletrix fights to try and save Lunar and Loren's lives and they are losing their battle. With Miras and Koli searching the galaxy for more information on the Apeyron, there is a story to tell as we step back a year to when the youngest of the Proteus ships arrived by accident and learn about the cheeky and playful Lunar and her difficult start in life.
As the teams find little information on the Apeyron, hope is fading until the team at the Dystopian Detective Agency back on Earth reveal a shocking revelation. Hidden amongst the human population are eternal dark creatures called Aemon and they are not from Earth, and perhaps more pertinent they know of the Apeyron. Worse is the fact they believe that Earth and their home world of Aemus may very well be part of the Apeyron's Empire. Zenni and Saya depart to try and find the lost world of Aemus with their new demon allies, the solution to their problem lies in a dark religious site where they believe a derelict Apeyron warship may hold the answers they seek.
Time is running out though and with the Apeyron's return to our galaxy getting closer, will they manage to save Lunar and Loren and will Zenni be successful in learning more about this dark enemy on Aemus and stop the Dark Empire from reclaiming what they believe is rightfully theirs?"

This second major instalment in the Proteus Endless Saga sees our heroes struggling to learn more about the Dark Empire that is threatening everything they know as the scour the galaxy trying to gather leads. Crossing over with Pentalore - Awakening, Dark Empire is an emotional rollercoaster and as the end draws closer, things may never be the same again.
Dark Empire is now in its Second Extended Edition with over 30,000 words of new content, heavily reworked and revised. Taking the original story of Dark Empire this reworked edition paints a far more vivid picture as you follow the cast of Proteus dealing with the impending threat of the Apeyron to everything they hold dear and the tragic consequences of their first encounter.

Personal thoughts are the cover at first glance is beautiful, but a little confusing, until you read the book. It features Terrik from a scene late in Dark Empire. I won't say more but it will make sense.