New Series Announcement

All has been quiet from me for some time and I know there have been no new books arriving however this does not mean that I have not been doing things behind the scenes.

Writing a story with such breadth and depth as what I have planned is a massive undertaking and I have been laying out the foundations for this so that I am covering elements that will be way down the line. The last time I was here, I introduced the Proteus Apocalypse Series. Well, now it is about time I revealed to you exactly what is going to be coming in the long term.


 The Death Blade Chronicles
This 12 book series covers the adventures of Zaxas and his team as they hunt down the worst scum of the galaxy. Set in the Proteus universe, the series will cross over with other series as Death Blade will make guest appearances. Darker, grittier and more violent that any of my other series this is already planned out story wise and writing has already commenced. The series starts shortly before the events of Proteus Serendipity.


Proteus Shadow War
A first for me as this is a young adult series as you are introduced to Hathor, a young God Hunter as she is flung to the far side of the galaxy along with a group of gifted school kids. Facing off against the nightmarish species known as the Xi, they have to find a way home, going on adventures along with way. Shadow war is a 12 book series which crosses over with the Olympus Initiative and the other Proteus series.


Proteus Shadow Angels
Following on in a rather indirect way from Shadow War, Shadow Angels is really the prequel to all of my books. The series starts in 2001, 16 years before the Alphians arrive on Earth and tells the story of Ghost, a lone Proteus ship flung back in time. Stranded, she takes the slow road home to her own time, but ends up becoming a legend in her own right as the phantom that will help guide the story of Proteus as well as protecting Earth.


Proteus Infinity
This is the final series of Proteus set after Odyssey. Infinity follows the exploits of the infamous Squad Zero, also known as the Fixers. Sent to hunt down and apprehend the mysterious and dangerous Xaris, the team get far more than they bargained for, flung in to the multiverse where alternate realities exist. Follow them as they enter one universe where they encounter the evil overlord version of the Alphians and another universe where the Avorans and the Apeyron are at war and the rest of the galaxy are caught in the cross fire. There is even one universe they encounter that they thought they would never see again. To get home they have to work with Xaris however it seems this trans dimensional being has his own agenda, searching for an answer to a question. How do you kill gods?


All 48 books have all the basics of the story laid out, characters and profiles created and even some provisional art work done. I have been busy writing these stories and also laying out how these books will affect the books in my other series.


I am also continuing to make progress on my stalled books and I am hoping to start releasing the first batch of these later on this year.

I do apologise for how long it is taking me to get everything in to place but trust me, you are in for a treat when all these books start to hit the shelves!