Dystopian Detective - The Ancient Girl Released

Introducing a brand new Series, the Dystopian Detective Agency. This spin off from Symbiotica kicks off with The Ancient Girl, the first part of the Shadow Soul Saga.

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Also available at other afflicated retailers priced at $3.99 for the Ebook
The book is suitable for Teens upwards.

Rate 5 / 5 (Kobo)

Here is the Blurb:

"Ella Carr for all intent and purpose is a fairly average woman with a fairly extraordinary secret. She is host to a gentle and kindly alien symbiote call Shomis Bhor, a former warrior and protector from a world now long gone. Leaving the Foundry in the United States, their base of operations for their global business, Ella has returned to her home city to establish the Forge, their industrial research facility in Manchester in England. Things have taken several twists and now she finds herself heading up the Dystopian Detective Agency, a place where they solve impossible cases in a way only the extraordinary could. Things are not really going that well though. With only a few boring cases on her desk she indulges her office assistant Amy over a research project she is doing for her university project.
Up in the mountains of the Yorkshire Pennines the longest day of the year rapidly approaches and for the locals, an event that they fear is upon them. Ella and Shomis are sceptical of the legends and myths surrounding the so called Lost Girl of Tatterslong, a dark story that goes back hundreds of years however with Shae and Amy both excited at the prospects of solving this mystery she ends up travelling to this isolated village if only to have a little fun.
As the dreaded night seems to pass without incident, Ella find her scepticism justified however when Amy doesn't come down to breakfast in their hotel, they find themselves facing not only a legend, but the fact one of their own has been abducted. It soon becomes apparent they are not the only paranormal forces at work in Tatterslong as they try to solve the riddle and find their friend before the sun sets on the day and the news that once it does, Amy will never be seen again."

It's the first true case for Ella Carr in this spin off from Symbiotica Series, as she tries with her new business partners Amy and Shae to solve a four hundred year old mystery however everything is not as it seems to be. Crossing over in to the Pentalore Series, The Ancient Girl see Ella face her own demons in a literal way as they try to save Amy from becoming one of the lost girls with a conclusion that will spill over in to Proteus as part of the Endless Saga.

The Ancient Girl is now in its Second Extended Edition with over 34,000 words of new content, heavily reworked and revised. Taking the original story this reworked edition paints a far more vivid picture as you follow the cast of the Dystopian Detective as they try to save their friend from certain death and reveal the dark truth behind this terrible legend with unexpected consequences.