Artwork - RM7 Jump Ship

When it comes to writing, you can paint a vivid picture with the words, but as an artist, design and general creative bod, I do like to bring my creations in words to life.
Throughout the Proteus books, one support ship is featured quite a bit - the so called Jump Ship. These small support vessels are designed for short range crew and cargo transport.
I always had an idea in my head, much like I have had for Koli, Saya and Miras, but words alone really dont do justice to my thoughts and imagination.
Last night, I sat down and pencilled out a rough sketch of the Jump Ship. This morning I grabbed those ideas, sat down with Blender and started work on turning the pencils in to a proper vision.
Once I had the basic designs done, inside and out, exported the models to poser, properly textured and applied effects and the result is right here.