Proteus Technical Art - The ships of Unbound

Okay - I am going through all the new ships that I have recently created and doing my usual tech sheets on them... However due to the fact these are all part of a series that is still being created, I decided to leave out any info on them... so you are just getting renders.




There you have it... there are a few more none Proteus ships coming although still a long way from completing the meshwork.

Proteus Art - God Hunters

The Thousand Year was on the verge of its climax, one that would see the Apeyron wiped from the Universe.
Shortly before the end came a new family of Proteus. They became known only as the God Hunters.
It is said that they saved everyone from Death, but they paid the ultimate price for their heroism.

(The final family of Proteus arrive and they are quite different from everything that came before. Really happy with the models of Anubis, Ammit, Neith and Selqet.)

(Edit... Okay, I decided to rehack Ammit and Selqet and then do a new version of the image... can't help it if I am a perfectionist... got to agree this image really does hit home more though)

Proteus Art - Polaris and Sirius

Polaris and Sirius are brother and sister (Sirius on the left and Polaris on the right). They are genetically very similiar and are almost the same size, sharing many features although it is not hard to tell them apart. They are also naturally born Proteus ships, much like Saya was.
They are typical kids, learning, playing and fighting a bit too.

These two are set to make their debute in Proteus Unbound Book 7, the first book of the Legacy Saga and to say readers will have a rollercoaster ride is an understatement when you meet these two.

Proteus Art - Death

It is said in the final moments of the Thousand Year War, a darkness emerged. Nobody really knows what this thing was as nobody lived to tell the tale.

It simply became known to all the Proteus family as Death as that was what it was.

(I lied... I said there would be 45 ships in Proteus Unbound... revised that a little up to 51 although technically the last six ships really don't feature in Unbound. I'm a stinker...)

Proteus Unbound Artwork - Meet the family

It seems so long ago I was sitting here working out exactly what each of the ships in Proteus looked like. Back then all I had was Koli, Terrik, Lunar, Miras and Saya to deal with. Things change though and as you can see from this, I have created a full size comparison guide to all of the Proteus ships that will be in the Proteus Unbound Series.
As you can also see, they are separated in to families.

Genesis were the original Proteus Ships although they would in time become Proteus Valkyria with their upgrades.
Obviously the new Valkryia ships join the first batch too including the Hyper Titan Servey, a ship that dwarfs every other ship by a long way.

On the far side you see the Hellions, Proteus ships born of hate and anger, designed to stop an endless war.

You have the Hyperions - nuff said.

Then you have the Asteria, the strange and a little alien family, familiar yet different.

New to the line up is Osiris. Technically this 5th family is not going to be in Proteus Unbound although they need to be included. Their story relates to the Imperfecta ship Kek who is also new.

Finally you have Imperfecta. It is not a slight against them, but more where do they really fit. I have updates this with both Sirius and Polaris and also the dark ship called Kek.

If you want the full size, simple click on the image, then right click on that and select "View Image".

So, there you have it. 50 ships which is a far cry from the 12 that were in Proteus... I'm looking forward to introducing you to them all.

Proteus Art - Asteria

The Legends of Proteus tell of the four great families, children of the stars.
It is said, the Valkryia family was born of the hope of a world for a future.
The Hellions were born of hate and violence to stop an endless war.
The Hyperions were born of dominance and the thirst for dominion.
It is said though, the Asteria were born of kindness and empathy, yet they
are not fully Proteus, deep within their DNA, they have the hearts of gods.

The Asteria will make their secretive appearance in Proteus Unbound - Legacy Saga.
They are Proteus, but they are also very different from any of the other families. They are hybrids of a race that really shouldn't have Proteus ships at all.

(Update... Okay, artists are never happy and considering everything, I decided to go back to Asteria and look at them again. They are actually almost the same, but a few tweeks makes them far more impressive and strange. Much happier with this version)