Symbiotica Book 1 - Sum of their Whole

The original (in a way) debute novel as I introduce Symbiotica.

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The book is suitable for Teens upwards.

Rate 5 / 5 (Goodreads & Kobo)

Here is the Blurb
"Melissa Marks was a typical University student with debts, a hectic scholastic schedule and a near empty social life other than her roommate who always ate all her food.
Waking up in her bed, disorientated, sore and confused, she is unable to shake the haunting memory of being attacked the night before, questioning if it was nothing more than a bad dream. However she soon finds herself noticing a mysterious red haired woman appearing throughout her day, a woman with an unreal proposition for her.
The truth of her situation soon becomes very apparent learning within her is an alien life form who needs her protection and after considering the proposal from her strange new friend she finds her world is turned inside out. Flung head first in to a strange new world she must learn to understand her new unnatural abilities with her alien symbiote in ways she could never have believed were possible.
Starting a journey which changes her life unrecognisably, she must go on a quest to search out others who have received her unnatural gift. It does not take long for Mel with the help of Poly, her girlfriend, to find two others although things do not go smoothly as Poly soon finds herself hosting a new born symbiote. With Jo and Kat along with their alien symbiotes having joined their family, it soon becomes apparent they needed a more secure and private place to call home.
Working together they pool their skills and talents as they create the Foundry, the perfect environment suited to both themselves and their symbiotes. Welcoming more members to their group, they plan a celebration, but it certainly doesn't go to plan. With their secret threatening to be exposed and Poly out of control, Melissa and her friends must take back control of the ensuing chaos.
Will everything work out or end in heartbreak?"

Start the journey of both Symbiotica and Proteus in this first instalment of the "New Worlds Saga" as Melissa goes from her humble roots to being the lynchpin of what will become Symbitek Global meeting Poly, Jo and Kat as they work towards finding the others that travelled to Earth on Koli.
Rewritten with nearly 20,000 words of new material, this Ultimate Edition of "Sum of their Whole" combines the first two books of the original saga, including "The Foundry" to create a the first part of the New Worlds Trilogy.