Proteus Book 9 - New Horizons Released

The adventure for the young Proteus ships concludes in the final book of the Natural Selection Saga - Proteus - New Horizons

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Also available at other afflicated retailers priced at $3.99 for the Ebook
The book is suitable for Teens upwards.

Here is the Blurb!

"Time is running out as Razon forces his captors to finish his ultimate weapon, the dreadnought class Harbinger, a weapon designed to face the might of the Avorans which is now being perverted to his own cause of ruling the Apeyron Empire and restoring its glory for himself.
With the Proteus fleet desperately searching the galaxy for Razon and the Emperor, things are not progressing well. With Emperor Tath now reluctantly leading his people it seems something is rotten at the heart of the Apeyron Senate, dark forces trying to subvert our friends efforts to find Razon. Slowly piecing together the true power of Razon's new weapon it becomes clear our friends are outclassed, facing an uncertain future. Tath amasses a fearsome fleet bringing all the Proteus family together to finally put an end to this war criminals madness and rescue his father from Razon's clutches.
As the final battle approaches the future is uncertain and Beletrix faces annihilation. Will our friend be able to succeed as they face the raw power of a planet killer?"

In this epic conclusion to the Natural Selection saga, New Horizons follow the young ships as they are forced to grow up rapidly, their new friend and their home facing the gravest threat to date as General Razon, now in the possession of the Harbinger, a monstrous ship designed to face the might of the Avorans, is hell bent on ending all threats to the Empire and claiming his throne. Fast paced and action packed, New Horizons takes you on a journey as the whole Proteus family pull together to ensure the safety of everything they hold dear, but do they possess the power to actually defeat this planet killer?
Also included is another Proteus Unhinged Mini Story, The Secrets of Alphius Prime.