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I am surprised at how painless that was, but Symbiotica, Proteus and Dystopian Detective are now available to purchase on Amazon. I will be updating all of the links on the book pages shortly.

At this moment, with Pentalore still being rewritten and extended, I have decided to leave Awakening off the list. If things continue to go well Darkseed will be arriving soon.

I will also be creating Paperback versions of my book on Amazon too although that will come later as I have to do a full redesign of my covers to include the spine and back cover.

At this moment the only major store is Google Play which is not accepting new authors at this moment. When that becomes available I will finish off this work and my books will be available across virtually every platform.

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Finding my books on your favourite Retailer

Since I first started writing, I have had strong links with my publisher, Smashwords.
Whenever I released a new book, I linked it to my Smashword page and that also included the book list on the side bar.

As I have come to realise recently I have been getting many sales from other outlets including Apple and Kobo, in fact those sales are outstripping Smashwords even if they go through them.

People have their own preferred outlets they like to buy from so I have made a pretty big change on my blog in order to help you find what you want on the retail platform you use.

Firstly I have gone through all of the book release pages from the very beginning. They have been brought up to date with the latest cover art and information now pertaining to the rewrites, I have pulled the books I have discontinued and most importantly, on these reworked pages you will find there are now direct links to Smashwords, Kobo, Apple iTunes and Barnes & Noble. I have also put in prep links for when my books will be available on Amazon Kindle.

On the right side of the blog, you will now find the Buy my Books list now links to this blog as opposed to Smashwords, therefore you can now take the route you want to my works.

I have also updated all the books themselves linking to the blog as opposed to Smashwords so you can work through that too.

I hope this helps and thank you to everyone for your continued support!


Pentalore Art - Aemus World Map

I have already eluded to Aemus in the recent sneak peak at the Children of the Empire Saga, but with Pentalore still ongoing I wanted to give you an idea of what Aemus is like.

This is the cover from Awakening that shows what Aemus actually looks like ith a fully kitted out Jorstus warrior looking over the world. I wanted to give Aemus a very red feel, adding in purples to the mix to give almost a hellish feel to it, but if you look closer you can see that Aemus is a world rich with life.

The idea of world building is something most writers are familiar with, although for me, that goes much deeper. Penatlore and Proteus really do take us to new worlds and considering the detail I am going in to with the books, I decided to actually build a world...
This is the world map of Aemus. It has load of locations and give you a clear idea of what hell looks like... and its not very hellish at all. Aemus is a volcanic planet but the fact is that makes it a world rich with life.
I have put in detail of the nine demon races that live (or in two cases lived) on Aemus.

Anyhow, I will also be looking at Alphius Prime and Beletrix as well to really give you an idea of what these worlds looked like as well as a more detailed overview of the world and their solar systems too.

Enough from me... for the moment at least

Apologies for the size issues - not sure why but this is not uploading at its original size...

Here is the Text
Top Left - Jora - The bleak Northern Continent of Jora is a hard and unforgiving place home to the mountain dwelling and nomadic Jorstus. This continent is rich with life and offers excellent agriculture. Harashia is the  Jortus capital city built to form a focal point for their society as well as for religion and trade.

Bottom Left - Volem - Volem was a rich continent before the Darkening however even now its southern side is a barren wasteland. Home to the once proud Vola race in the south and the Necroswaben in the mountains of the north, the Aemon do not venture down to the Vola’s lands out of respect for this fallen race. Votae city is the former Vola capital which is now in ruins. Nekal city is the Necroswaben capital however is it underground and no outsider has ever seen it.

Middle Bottom - Syna - The continent of Syna is a beautiful and diverse place with towering mountains, deserts and forest. Gehai located in the south east is the capital of the Geneistus.
To the west is Desi, the capital city of the Sythar while far to the north west is the Karae city, capital of the Hakoran.
This central continent forms the back bone of modern Aemon society and as a result of this, on the equator is the great Aemon Capital city of Naran. Built after the Darkening this city is the hub of power, trade and society on Aemus.

Top Right - Sayir - Sayir is a divided land which both the Satirus in the north and the Kaliso in the south call home. Salta is the capital of the Satirus and is often called the industrial heartland of Aemus.
Ysola is the Kaliso’s capital offering a beatuiful land to vacation in with many different and beautiful places to see. To the west of the Kaliso's land is the terrible and forboding Fire Deserts. This whole area is the location of a hot spot under the surface forming a super volcano, however with this being a desert, the sands have crystalised in to glass, which has shattered over time forming the most spectacular and deadly place on the planet. This is also the location of the Temple of Apeyra, a dark relic from their worlds past and the cause of the war to end all wars on Aemus, the Darkening. It is now understood to have been the remains of an Apeyron Warship that crash landed and was abandoned.

Bottom Right - Lehes - The continent of Lehes is a forbidden place on Aemus. Former home to the vicious and cruel Lessenholk, this place is now a dead continent, poisoned and diseased. After the Darkening, Moteth city was left to crumble after the allies found the Lessenholk were devolving. It is said these monsterous animals that were formerly a superpower on Aemus stalk the lands doomed for their genocide of the Vola.

Pentalore Awakening Extended Edition

A little back to front, but Pentalore Awakening has now been re-released in its extended version.
As part of the Endless Saga, Awakening was really the last part of that epic story. In Proteus Dark Empire, you get to see the return of Namah and the Aemon to their home world thanks to Zenni and Saya as they try to gain access to the Temple of Apeyra, the remains of a derelict Apeyron Warship on Aemus. In Dark Empire's Extended Edition, you see the story from the Alphians point of view, however in Awakening you see the story from the Aemon's point of view with the character's journey's being explored in far more detail.
The Marcus, Cali and Lexa story has also been heavily reworked and extended with a few surprises and twists added in for good measure.
The book now also ties in to Symbiotica Monsters of Tokyo which in its own way followed on from the story set in this book.

Overall the book now stands at 75,000 words, with near enough 30,000 words of new content.
Previous customers can go back to their retailer and download the updated copy for free.

On the cover,  this was always one of my favourite covers I have done. All I have added in is the Saga information and the Extended Edition tags as well as being a little cheeky and putting the updated model of Saya in for good measure.
Pentalore's rewrites continue with The Forgotten Library and Darkseed already in the process of being reworked.
Keep watching!

Alexander Nassau's Timelines

I have had quite a few people getting a little confused over what goes where in the time line.
Each of my series can be read as stand alone titles however if you want to, you can read them as part of a larger story as all four series are interconnected.
I have put this together so you can see where everything goes.

Pentalore - The Forgotten Library
This takes place around 1999 with the ending set in 2015 prior to Symbiotica
This is the Prelude to the Pentalore Prophecies Saga.

Symbiotica New World Saga
The Origin story of Symbiotica, Proteus and Dystopian Detective. This saga takes place in 2016.
Symbiotica follows the adventures of the Alphians on Earth
Follow ten alien symbiotic survivors as they arrive on Earth and bond with their new hosts in a story that will take them back to where it all began in the hope of finding survivors.

Consists of:

At the End of New Worlds you learn that they may not have been the only survivors of Alphius Prime and one of the Titan's may have escaped the end of their world.

Proteus Neo Alphius Saga
At the End of The Way home we learn one of the massive Titan class Proteus ships may have escaped. The Neo Alphius Saga tells that story of the lost ship and its survivors as the struggle to survive on the Hellish World of Neo Alphius.
These books take place in early 2017

Consists of:

At the End of the Neo Alphius Saga the survivors have resettled on their new home world of Beletrix.

Symbiotica - A Matter of Time
Following on from the Proteus Neo Alphius Saga, A Matter of Time sees the return of Koli and friends to Alphius Prime in a mad cap comedy adventure. This book takes place in early 2017.

Symbiotica - Dystopia
This book sees the continuing story within Symbiotica as Ella returns to England to establish the Forge, one of their new bases of operation on Earth. Again this is set in mid 2017. This book is also the prelude to the Dystopian Detective Series.

Dystopian Detective - The Ancient Girl
The first of the new spin off Series from Symbiotica, The Ancient Girl sees Ella Carr in her first adventure trying to solve a mystery. It is the first part of the Shadow Soul Saga set to take in 5 books). It takes place on the 22nd June 2017 (Summer solstice) This book also crosses over at the end with both Pentalore Darkseed and Proteus Dark Universe.

Pentalore Darkseed (Book 1 of the Prophecies Saga)
The first book in the Prophecies Saga sees three friend starting their journey in the strange world of demons around them. This book crosses over with Dystopian Detective - The Ancient Girl and Proteus Dark Universe.

Proteus Dark Universe (Endless Saga Book 1)
This book sees the return on Proteus with Zenni and Saya embarking on a dangerous rescue mission only to unleash a darkness that threatens to swallow everything.

Proteus Dark Empire (Endless Saga Book 2)
Dealing with the aftermath of Dark Universe, Zenni and Saya must travel to the Aemon home world to uncover information about the Apeyron. Back on Beletrix everyone is frantically trying to save Lunar, the youngest of the Proteus ships.

Pentalore - Awakening (Book 2 of the Prophecies Saga)
On the run from the Regent our three friends must travel to Northern California to seek the wisdom on the ancient demon Anchee Sheng. Meanwhile the Regent has been offered a way back to the Aemon home world by the Alphians (This is effectively the same story as in Dark Empire but told from the Aemons point of view with the story continued)

Symbiotica Monsters of Tokyo (Endless Saga Book 3)
Going back to Earth, this third part of the Endless Saga deals with the Alphians trying to stop a global disaster as the Apeyron returns while trying to persuade humanity of the threat they pose.
This book is quite unique in that it is a 4 series full on cross over with characters from Proteus, Dystopian Detective and Pentalore featuring.

Proteus Of Darkness and Light (Endless Saga Book 4)
The Apeyron have returned and are launching all out war on Earth and Aemus. It is up to the Alphians to stop this war before it can begin.

Dystopian Detective - The Tourist (Part 2 of the Shadow Soul Saga)
Following on from events in Dark Universe everything is settling down however when a time traveller from the past threatens to rewrite the time line it is up to Ella and her team to get him home. In addition Shae and Amy must put a stop to events in Tokyo following on from Symbiotica Monsters of Tokyo as the Alphians secret is under threat.
This book is set in late 2017

Proteus Natural Selection Saga
This series is the return of the self contained stories. Dystopian Detective - The Tourist vaguely crosses over with events in Ghosts. Follow events as four new baby Proteus ships unexpectedly arrive on Beletrix. These new youngsters are out to cause all sorts of mayhem as they find their way, but with a dark threat re-emerging in the form of General Razon, it is questionable how much of a future Beletrix will have.
These books take place in Late 2017 to Early 2018

Consists of:

Technically speaking that is the entire story so far.
I will add more when the books become available.

Dystopian Detective Extended and Rereleased

Another month, another re-release!
This time around it is the Dystopian Detective that comes in for the full rewriting process, taking the original stories to the next level and even I have to say you're in for a treat. Over the Ancient Girl and the Tourist you have nearly 65,000 words of new content, near enough doubling the size of the original books.

For the Ancient Girl it has been heavily rewritten and extended offering a proper introduction to the series that people unfamiliar with it will need as well as adding far more detail and character journeys in.

For the Tourist again it has been heavily rewritten and extended, although with this book you actually get an entirely new sub story as you follow the adventure that Amy and Shae go on as they try to track down the mysterious Manga author who is threatening to expose the secret of what happened in Symbiotica Monsters of Tokyo.

You will have noticed that I have officially made the first five books of the Dystopian Detective in to an overall Saga now. Titled the Shadow Soul Saga, you now also get an introduction to this in the Ancient Girl and a full mini story in the Tourist devoted to the dark force that is threatening Manchester.

You can take a look at the books here

 On the covers, yes this may be unusual, but they are actually the same beyond the Saga information and the Extended Edition tags.

I realise that so far this year I have only released one new book and I know that people are wanting to see what comes next, but these rewrites do have their purpose as they revisit and extend all the series I have done, but also set up for the new books that are coming. In total so far I have written 488,000 new words of content across the 17 books so far re-released. Taking the fact the original books were roughly 40,000 words each, that means I have added 12 entire new books of content.

Dystopian Detective - The Kakoi Riddle is the next book coming up and while this dark force that has been lurking in the background of the first two books has been playing a long game, needless to say she is taking the gloves off as Ella will come face to face with her dark nemesis for the first time and there are going to be more than a few shocks along the way.

Anyhow. I hope you enjoy these heavily revised and extended editions.
Pentalore next and just three books to go before normal service resumes!