Symbiotica Book 3 - The Way Home

I am happy to announce the final part of the "New Worlds" Saga with the release of The Way Home.
Take a look at the book here.

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Also available at other afflicated retailers priced at $3.99 for the Ebook
The book is suitable for Teens upwards.

Rate 5 / 5 (Kobo)

Here is the Blurb
"Less than a year has passed since Melissa accepted Kel in to her life and throughout the trials and tribulations, she owes a great deal to her alien partner. Surrounded by new friends, a woman she loves and her family restored, she reluctantly finds herself in deep space, travelling to the desolate remains of Alphius Prime, the dead home world of their symbiotes to mount what may be a fruitless rescue mission.
To understand their mission, there is a story to tell of their past. Reliving their partner's former lives, the crew of Koli learn about the strange and unusual world that is now part of them as they race through the stars towards their destination.
On Earth, plans are laid out as the rest of the team prepare for the arrival of possibly of hundreds of lost souls in hope that they were not the only survivors. With everything ready tragedy strikes and the group must pull together to save a friend.
Will Melissa and the crew aboard Koli find the remains of the Terrik and their lost friends and family and will they find their way home?"

Concluding the Symbiotica New Worlds Saga, 'The Way Home' follows on from the previous books in this epic conclusion. Going right back to the beginning and showing the symbiotes we have grown to know and love in a whole new light, we finally see the events that led to their desperate escape before and after the cataclysm. The Way Home takes the New Worlds Saga to its final destination with more than a few heartbreaks, shocks and revelations along the way.

Rewritten with over 35,000 words of new material, this Ultimate Edition of "The Way Home" now forms the run up to the Proteus Neo Alphius Saga and gives a whole new dimension as characters familiar in Proteus are introduced for the first time adding new depth and history to this epic story.
The book also includes two additional sections. Enjoy the first 'Proteus Unhinged' Mini story 'One Little Ship' as we get to see Koli and Flip's relationship growing stronger as this mismatched pair settle in to each other's orbits. Also you can learn about the Proteus ships with the technical reference guide to Proteus, looking at both Koli and Terrik.