The Endless Saga Rereleased and Extended

I am very pleased to announce the rerelease of the Endless Saga. Covering four books this takes the original story and moves it to the next level and overall you are in for a treat. With over 125,000 words of new content across the four books, compared to the original format you are getting three entire new books worth of content.
Taking future plot arcs in to consideration and painstakingly going back through the original story and checking it over to ensure the character journeys are followed, Endless now takes you on a wild ride as you follow this heartbreaking and tense story to its conclusion.

This reboot takes in:

If you have already bought these books head over to your retailer and grab the updated copies.

You will also notice I have spent a lot of time revising the covers for the series.
For Dark Universe, I have broken with the norm of showing one of the ships in favour of something darker and more menacing. The cover shows the world of Apeyra in the Dark Universe and the nightmarish Apeyron warship imposing its presence. I think this sets the tone for the series.
For Dark Empire, the cover should be familiar but has been reworked and revised, I liked the original but I thought it needed to be adjusted. It does what it is supposed to do with Terrik in the background walking away from the snow angel, a pivotal and deeply sad moment in the book.
Monsters of Tokyo finally gets the cover I always wanted for it. The original cover was quite frankly a mess. I got an idea in my head and for some reason I just kept going at it. This apocalyptic cover shows Tokyo falling in to darkness with ash falling from the sky as far above you see Miras heading for Mount Fuji to try and avert the impending global disaster.
Of Darkness and Light is effectively the original cover in all respects, although as you will see I have been tweaking it again with the updated model of Saya and additional lighting effects giving a richer and potentially more exciting view of the battle for Earth.

This release is a milestone in my efforts to ensure that all my books are considered to be novels rather than novellas with each book now over 70,000 words each. It also means that both Proteus and Symbiotica are now fully transferred to the new format and completed. Over the fifteen books, you now get 425,000 new words of content - to put that in realistic terms, in my original format that is over ten new books of material!
I will be moving on to Dystopian Detective and Pentalore next with only five books left to complete before I can officially move on with new releases.

I hope you enjoy the reboot of The Endless Saga.

Alexander Nassau.

Proteus Art - Children of the Empire Teaser

First off, I would like to say don't get over excited. The Children of the Empire crossover is coming 10 books from now and will be released in 2019 as a 6 part epic taking in all my series. It is a huge story that will turn everything on its head and not in a good way.

Before I start the writing process, I like to sit down and get all the pieces in place so I know what I am writing about.


This is Firebird and at first glance, you think it is an Apeyron ship, except it isn't. All I can say is Firebird and its creators are the big bad for Children of the Empire.

Hell Hath No Fury

The clue is in the title, but one group of characters in my books have been hiding a secret and in Children of the Empire, that secret is about to come in to the light.

I hope you enjoyed these and a little update.

I am currently still rewriting the Endless Saga. It's long and painful works covering Proteus Dark Universe, Dark Empire and Of Darkness and Light as well as Symbiotica Monsters of Tokyo.
The final total is 120,000 words of new material and so far I am at at 85,000 words. Expect the revised extended edition possibly some time in May.