Finding my books on your favourite Retailer

Since I first started writing, I have had strong links with my publisher, Smashwords.
Whenever I released a new book, I linked it to my Smashword page and that also included the book list on the side bar.

As I have come to realise recently I have been getting many sales from other outlets including Apple and Kobo, in fact those sales are outstripping Smashwords even if they go through them.

People have their own preferred outlets they like to buy from so I have made a pretty big change on my blog in order to help you find what you want on the retail platform you use.

Firstly I have gone through all of the book release pages from the very beginning. They have been brought up to date with the latest cover art and information now pertaining to the rewrites, I have pulled the books I have discontinued and most importantly, on these reworked pages you will find there are now direct links to Smashwords, Kobo, Apple iTunes and Barnes & Noble. I have also put in prep links for when my books will be available on Amazon Kindle.

On the right side of the blog, you will now find the Buy my Books list now links to this blog as opposed to Smashwords, therefore you can now take the route you want to my works.

I have also updated all the books themselves linking to the blog as opposed to Smashwords so you can work through that too.

I hope this helps and thank you to everyone for your continued support!