Proteus - The Neo Alphius Saga (Books 1 to 3) Boxset Released

Following a suggestion from a friend, I have decided to release a box set of the first three Proteus Books, named the Neo Alphius Saga.
You can now catch up on the events in Proteus before the current Endless saga.

With The Lost World, The Long Way Round and The Last Survivor included with this box set of books I hope you will find the price what you hoped for at just $7.99. Effectively, one third off the price of the books separately.

Available from:
Rakuten Kobo
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Also available at other afflicated retailers priced at $7.99 for the Ebook
The book is suitable for Teens upwards.

Rate 5 / 5 (Kobo)

Here is the Blurb:

Book 1
For Zenni Quinett, all she wanted was a quiet life. After a horrific accident she retired from her life as a test pilot, growing borra and healing her host's injuries. With the news that their world was coming to an end, she finds herself thrust in to her old life, dealing with a secret, that Miras, the living ship she is charged with piloting is more than just a machine, but a living being with a wilful and arrogant mind of her own.
As the end comes sooner than expected, Zenni finds her charge impossible to control. In the chaos, they escape to dead space, the only survivors of Alphius Prime with no clue where they are.
Finding a new world, Zenni is unfairly blamed for the mess finding herself exiled to the Mountains bearing the burden of the keeping secret for the good of her people. As a mysterious plague strikes their world, their city is overrun by the infected the survivors flee to the mountains. Shrouded in a thick red fog the streets are stalked by foul nightmarish creatures, monsters that were once their own friends and family. For two hundred years they try to survive and find a cure without success.
When a little girl is blighted by the disease, Zenni find herself flung in to a dangerous mission. She must return to New Meylon, find a drug stored on her former charge and rescue an impulsive teenager hell bent on saving her sister.
Things are not what they seem though. Under that thick red fog things are happening. They are being watched by a mysterious force and as their mission unravels, in the heart of the destruction, they find a little girl whose name means hope.

Book 2
Saya and her crew have reluctantly left Neo Alphius behind, their mission simple. Return to the desolate remains Alphius Prime to rescue the crew of Terrik. With no idea where home is the only clue they have is the distress call and a plan to triangulate the path home. It doesn't take long for them to realise they are not alone in the universe as they find a strange trading station which holds more than a few surprises, not least the news that they were not the only ship to escape. Koli had docked with the station some years before. It's not long before they make an even darker discovery that offers hope to find their long lost home.
On Neo Alphius thing are not progressing well, the plague is not as easily cured as they had hoped. With Grand Council Orles near death, Miras deteriorating and unrest in the villages there is treachery in the air as Mara plans to seize control and lead the survivors down a perilous path.
Will Zenni return to the ruins of Alphius Prime and rescue the survivors of Terrik, will Orles and her friends stop Mara from destroying the plan to save their people from the plague and what secret does a mysterious dark ship have in store our heroes?

Book 3
For Zenni and Saya, the weight of their world is on their shoulders as they return to Neo Alphius having found their long lost kin thriving on a strange alien world called Earth. Returning with Miras's sister ships along with all the help their stricken people need, it soon becomes clear the situation is more critical than they imagined.
At Miras's heart is an experimental reactor that only her mind can control and with Miras dying, they must urgently evacuate the survivors. Therein lies the problem. With twelve thousand survivors to relocate, they need a new home world.
The answers to their dilemma lie with the exploits of a little ship that escaped their end of the world as part of Koli's journey is revealed along with a surprising new hope.
Will the people of Neo Alphius find their new home, what happened to the small crew of Koli in the years they searched and will Zenni and Saya honour their promise to save Miras from her fate?

Also features A Curious Mind Parts 1 & 2, and a second Proteus Unhinged mini story.