Proteus Art - The Great Unknown

Earlier today I decided to revisit something I started over a year ago. I wanted to redo the mesh work on the Matrix Stardrive jump window.
Originally I did this with Lunar however that was older mesh and my modelling skills have continued to improve.
On the original, the vortex was the old piece done in mesh with the electrical effects done in photoshop post work.
For this version I have radically improved the modelling with the eletrical effects now built in mesh so they can be rendered individually and composited with addition effects.
As you can see, what started out as a thought experiment changed in to something else entirely.

I am really proud of this one and I think much as with Chronos Station, my work continues to improve.

The scene is from Proteus The Last Survivor as Koli and her crew leave Beletrix, staring their seach of the galaxy for new hosts which will eventually lead them to Earth.

I hope you like it.