Pentalore The Forgotten Library and Darkseed Extended Editions

This almost seems a little unreal in a way but I have just completed the last two extended editions of my books. Both Pentalore The Forgotten Library and Darkseed have now been heavily written and extended.
The Forgotten Library has nearly 30,000 words of new material with four new short stories added, an extended and far more complete ending and a brand new Epilogue. This new edition introduces the world of Pentalore far more completely as well as rounding off the characters rough edges giving you a glimpse in to this strange world.
Darkseed really pushes the boat out with over 36,500 words of new material effectively doubling the book compared to its original edition as the first part of the Prophecies Saga kicks off.

I am pleased to say with these last two books I have now uploaded the entire Pentalore Series on to Amazon which now completes my collection on there too.
If you want to see the details and direct links, click on the relevant links on the right.

Now, I have to take a moment here.
Last September I sat down and started looking at my books. My stories were considered to be novellas and I wanted to move them to full blown novels which meant taking the books to 70,000 words or more.
Starting with 22 books I began what ended up being a mammoth task of extending, rewriting and cleaning up everything I had done before.
It has taken ten months, I have added 584,000 words of new content (in old book format that is 14 entire new books of material) and I ended up with 20 books in the end.
All of this is available to anyone who bought my books before through the various retailers for free.

Overall I am very proud of what I have achieved and I hope you as my readers and fans have a whole new perspective on the ideas, thoughts and stories transpiring.
This is however the end of this huge effort and I can finally sit down and be happy with what I have done.

At this moment I can finally return to creating new books and I have a lot of stories left to tell.

Expect the following books to arrive over the rest of the year

Symbiotica - Spectres of our Past
Pentalore - Legends
Dystopian Detective - The Kakoi Riddle
Proteus - Serendipity

Some of these books are already well underway writing wise but I will not say when to expect them.

Thank you to everyone who has been waiting patiently for me to finish this task. I hope you can appreciate the epic hard work that has gone in to creating these Extended and Ultimate Editions.
All of my new books from this point forward will be 70,000 words or more so they will take a longer to write and I will be sure to give them thorough cooling off time.

Thanks for all your support!