Symbiotica - A Matter of Time and Dystopia Ultimate Editions

As promised my works on expanding the Symbiotica series continues with the Ultimate Editions of A Matter of Time and Dystopia.

A Matter of Time has been edited and reworked with over 28,000 words of new material added to create this Ultimate Version. With expanded character development for Sheriff Lofthouse plus so much more detail and story, this fun romp through the galaxy with Tie, Ella, Flip and Koli now brings you in to their world as they try to solve a mystery with Sheriff Lofthouse that threatens the safety of Earth. In addition this book is no longer adult with the bad langage removed.

Dystopia originally was purely about Ella Carr's journey as she is flung in to her old life as a dark criminal underworld threatens everything she holds dear. Now expanded and rewritten this Ultimate Edition gives you a richer and more detailed story exploring the characters in far more detail. However in addition to this is an entirely new story as Sheriff Lofthouse is faced with a terrible dilemma as she tries to save her best friends life causing a huge amount of problems for our friends. With over 33,500 words of new content Dystopia is effectively twice the book it was. Due to the darker and more violent elements of this book, Dystopia is still classified as Adult.

When it comes to the covers, A Matter of Time should be familiar but also reworked heavily although Dystopia was exactly what I wanted and has remained the same.

You can find A Matter of Time here:

As for Dystopia, you can find it here:

I hope you enjoy these Ultimate edition and expect more soon!