Proteus Art - Reunited

After the daring and frantic Plan B escape from Neo Alphius before everything was reduced to ash, the five ships rested above the world for repairs and for Miras to wake up. Needless to say Miras got a lovely awakening with her daughter snuggled in to her side and her sisters waiting for her to come round.

This piece is partly something I always wanted to do, and partly to let everyone know I have been doing updates to all my Proteus 3D models. As you can see, Saya, Koli, Terrik and Lunar have all had major reworks adding higher quality textures and improved mesh work.
If you want go back and look at some of the other works I have done - they have all been rerendered and updated and I have to say I am rather proud of them! Simply click the Artwork button on the right!

Hope you like it!