Proteus Ghosts - Revised Cover

Originally in my head I had this fantastic cover for Ghosts.
Full blown action shot looking up in to the sky as Terrik goes nose to nose with an Apeyron warship, in the foreground Issi Rem hurtling along on her scooter with a pack of Kinar Beasts chashing her as she tries to get to the bottom of all the computer glitches.....
That would really sum up the utterly manic, tense and stupidity of this story. Its buckets of tense fun.

Except, try as I might, I am never going to get there. The fact is Kinars are nothing more than a pencil sketch, I can't find a decent model of a scooter I can use, the Alphian models are still in early development and getting a background for that is impossible.

So... what to do?
On the original cover, I showed Lunar, misted out, but it was all warm and friendly and a bit meh. Creative block again...
So I took my time. I wanted something spooky, ghostly and imposing.
This is the result.
Lots of alien atmospheric work, mist and lightning. Then there is the main elements. There is the ghost of Lunar's physical body and her avatar wrapped in to the image that sucks you in.

I like it... hope you do too!