Proteus Art - The Future that Never Was

There was a future, one where a simple mistake led to hell for the whole galaxy. It started with the destruction of Beletrix, home of the Alphians by their own hand as their scientific curiosity got out of control. This then sent the Emperor of the Apeyron insane as he mourned the loss of his son and set the Apeyron in to Civil war, one that spilled out to the rest of the galaxy.
Earth, Dendritia, Arisal and other worlds were wiped out in what became known as the Thousand Year War.
At the heart of the Apeyrons war efforts were fleet of Harbinger class ships, planet killers and the only force to stand in their way was an allience between Proteus and the Aemon.

This is the last stand of Arisal as the Harbinger closes in for the kill. Vexa, Grand Arbiter of the Proteus fleet tries desparately to save the world before its destruction.
(Merry Christmas Everyone!)

Sneak Peak - Proteus Future Imperfect Saga (Artwork)

As usual, I have been busy although behind the scenes and its time to introduce seven new Proteus ships that will make their debute in the Future Imperfect Saga.

So without futher ado...

Rather proud of these lot although I have a few favourites in Vexa and Kreyo.
Needless to say one of these ships is the anti hero of the Future Imperfect Saga and perhaps could be considered to be the villain of the story. Needless to say this is almost the opposite to Proteus Evolution as we get a snapshot in to the Future that Never was.

Sighs... only 20 more books to write before I get to Future Imperfect...

Proteus Art - The War Doctor

Another sneak peak art wise at another new character that will be introduced in the Proteus Future Imperfect Saga.
This is Servey and she is something else all together.
Technically classified as a Super Titan, Servey is near enough 5 kilometers long, a true leviathan. She is a carrier ship capable of acting as a mobile starbase and medical facility for other members of her family. She is of such a scale and mass she is actually incapable of going down to planets as the gravity would kill her.
Servey has 6 docks in her abdomen capable of accepting all other Proteus ships and to give an idea of scale, the ship next to her is a Titan. These Docks offer full medical and repair facilities to tend to the wounded. In addition Servey comes as a package. She has Io and Callisto, two heavily armed Proteus Warships as her protectors and her personal assistant, little Bix. Servey requires another support ship to help her jump due to her size and Bix fulfils that role.

Proteus Art - The Last Transmission

This is the last transmission of the Apeyron shipyard Gallor Sigma, destroyed over 40,000 years ago in what was called a terrible accident.
For the Apeyron of that time, this dark ship was utterly alien and is believed to have attacked the starbase resulting in the loss of over 1300 souls.

Don't judge me, but this image is from the Proteus Future Imperfect Saga (Books 14, 15 and 16) which are currently being written....
I know... I still have books 10, 11, 12 and 13 to write and release... sometimes though I get an idea which won't stay quiet

I am hoping to get a new book out by Christmas, so keep watching.


Proteus Art - Story Time for the Nibblers

Little Rogue has a bad habit of misbehaving and she is very curious about everything, a trait which has taken her on many adventures.
When she returns home to Terris, the Nibblers are always eager to hear her stories and as with all Sentinels, she has a soft spot for these odd little ships.

I thought I would show the Nibblers doing what they do best... being dysfunctionally cute and slightly batty...

Proteus Art - The Ghosts of Delasia

I thought I would throw out a few additional pieces of artwork from my new upcoming series.

First is Soverus. He (yes, it is a male ship) is an Avoran Warship...

The second is a Technical spec for "The Nibblers".
These tiny little ships (if that is what you can call them as technically they have no internal structure) are effectively the Borg of my books, except they are nothing like the Borg.
Each individual ship is a life in its own right capable of independent thought, but they aren't that bright. They were designed as drones, little works ships given a task to complete. The problem was they needed to cooperate with each other to complete their tasks and that led to a terrifying conclusion. They realised that working together as a hive mind they were capable of so much more than their individual parts. Secretly, and almost organically they started to clump together in groups until unbeknown to the Avorans, they became a collective consciousness.
The Nibblers are millions of ships, but all acting with one will, even if at times that will is divided.
As Rogue would say, when they put their minds to something they are unstoppable, but if they disagree chaos will erupt. There have been mass brawls between different factions of Nibblers stretching over hundreds of thousands of miles. When that happens the Nibblers turn to the Sentinals of which Rogue is a member. They see the Sentinals as their closest family and they are the ones who must try to keep the peace.
In general the Nibblers are affectionate, driven and can do astonishing things when they work together, but as a collective hive mind, they are almost always on a knife edge between order and chaos.
They are cute too...

Coming this summer...

I would like to thank everyone who bought my books over the last month. It is staggering in a way but in one single month I sold nearly as many books as I did the entire of last year!

As a teaser / treat I have decided to give you a sneak peak at what is coming and I hope the covers give you an insight.

Here is the insights in to what is coming...

Symbiotica - Spectres of our Past

"Everyone came from somewhere and regardless of who they are today, their past is always looming. As Flip and Koli return to Earth following the events in the Proteus Natural Selection saga, Flip is surprised to be approached by her old Editor from the paper she worked at as he bring her troubling news. Her final piece before being thrown in to the Alphian's world had exposed a scandal in the halls of power and landed a Senator in deep trouble, with corruption charges being levied against him. He warns her that there is a contract out on her life, the Senator have absconded and gone in to hiding, out for revenge. Flip is dismissive considering the new world she now lives in, but leaving the restaurant they are gunned down.
Meanwhile in Tokyo, Tie is troubled when she receives a text message from her mother. Her father is in a serious condition in hospital and her mother is pleading with her to come home and make peace, something Tie finds ironic considering they disowned her after finding out she was gay. Tie decides to travel to Hong Kong to deal with her parents and try to put the past to bed, but it soon becomes apparent that things are not quite what they seem to be.
With Norcee arriving at the Olympus Spaceport delivering secretive equipment, Sellie has decided to leave her past behind her as with Sarah, Norcee and Ryal they head back to the Foundry. Sellie is quitting her job and packing her things up. Her world now revolves around her young friend and she has found the place where she fits in, but things take a dark turn as Sarah snaps, bitter and angry over what happened to her. She is out for revenge on the gang members who put her in a coma and she is going to tear their world down single handed if necessary.
Will Tie get to the bottom of what is really happening with her family, can Sellie stop Sarah's hate fuelled rampage of vengeance and can our friends hope to stop Koli from finding and killing the Senator who has brutally cut down her best friend and partner?"

Dystopian Detective - The Kakoi Riddle

"There is a dark cloud hanging over the city of Manchester as Ella and her team get to grips with the reality that a menacing alien intelligence is at work in their city, the only lead they have is a mysterious urn that has disappeared from the Manchester Museum.
When a leading Professor of Archaeology is found dead, it seems like just another case of suicide however for Ella and her team, this man was the only prominent link to the mysterious urn. This Professor of Antiquities is one of the world's leading researchers in ancient artefacts and his prize research item was an item simply known as the Kakoi. On its surface are indecipherable markings that Ella recognises as being the Apeyron language. Contacting Beletrix and sending the picture over, Tath confirms her suspicions, but the photographs are unclear yet he translates a fragment of it which worries Ella. The fragment reads 'Lest the unspoken escapes and infects that which is Endless'.  
Investigating the Professor death, Ella and her team must race to try and locate this Kakoi and the terrible truth it may hold that would threaten her home and perhaps the world.
Will Ella find the truth behind the Professors death or will a terrible darkness be unleashed on Earth?"

Pentalore - Legends

"This was certainly not where Cali, Lexa and Marcus expected to be as they are now stranded in the distant past of the Aemon's home world shortly before the end of the Darkening, faced with an apocalyptic world at war entering its final days. It seems that Anchee has a plan for them, a plan that somehow involves his younger self and the Prophecies of Pentalore. Travelling to the home lands of the Yso, they find themselves faced with a rebellion instigated by a young fire demoness who finds the bravery of Cali inspiring as our friends become involve with this rebellion as they unwittingly shape history itself.
Meanwhile back on Earth Biferus is struggling to comprehend this new world he has found himself in as working with his daughters former personal assistant he starts his quest to hunt down his sociopathic daughter in order to learn the secrets behind Kali and how she was created. Things however take a twist as the Regent returns to reclaim her sister only to find a new shocking truth over Kali's true origins.
Will Namah make peace with her niece and rescue Letesh and with the Lessenholk threatening everything on Aemus in its distant past, can Cali avoid her fate of becoming known throughout history as the destroyer of worlds and can our young heroes fulfil their destiny and find a way back home?"

Symbiotica - Fallen Gods

"With Flip recovering at the Foundry Koli has to take time to come to terms with what she has done with her friend's help, however when Brie and Director Blyth DeVeer of British Intelligence arrive at the Foundry, things are about to take a very dark turn.
The President of the United States has been growing more reckless, some may even say he is developing a god complex and he is fully aware of the power within his grasp. With everyone having been distracted, he has put his plan in to action and his goals are terrifying.
A full battalion of troops with heavy ordinance is descending on the Foundry with the goal of capturing them all, imprisoning them and stealing their technology. Initiating the lock down protocol, putting a shield up around the Foundry the teams only option is to travel to the Olympus spaceport to garner the support of the United Nations.
Arriving they find this attack goes far further, Olympus Island under siege from the American fourth fleet demanding Olympus turns over their Avoran fleet to the President. Now with the shield grid installed protecting the island they are safe, but they can't escape and considering the power they have at their disposal, they can't retaliate either.
With the United Nations unable to change the President's mind and the tension, rising will our friend and the Olympus Initiative manage to survive this threat from within?"

Proteus Serendipity

"If there is one thing that always seems to happen on Beletrix it is that they never like things quiet. With the Avoran ship Eclipse now fully reworked and in prime condition once more and Corona refitted and almost as good as new, our friend's curiosity over Eclipse's failed experimental star drive has led to the decision to create one more Proteus ship. She is not entirely Proteus though, featuring a reworked and revised version of the Avoran's experiment.
As Corona and Eclipse leave for Earth, the Proteus family welcome their newest youngster in to their fold, the shy and reserved Ayra. It soon becomes apparent that for all their brilliance, the Avorans were a flawed species and while Ayra can use this experimental star drive, it distorts time more than it does space. Their project was always doomed to fail and Ayra is scheduled to be refitted with a standard Proteus star drive.
For other members of the Proteus family things are returning to normal. Miras and Saya continue to search for the final world for the new Apeyron Empire, while Koli and Cenya return to Alphius Prime to continue the clear out of the Mere Sciences Vault, a place where the most dangerous technology and precious artefacts of their people resides on their long dead home world.
Venturing in to the deepest sections of the Vaults, in a room that has not been set foot in for over three hundred years, Koli and Flip move a piece of equipment only to find something highly confusing hidden behind it. On the wall, etched in to the stone is a message that makes no sense. It is a message that should not be there, written by a person they both know has never been in this room before.
Returning to Beletrix Koli talks with Miras and Terrik, sharing what she has learnt and the inescapable conclusion of what she has found. Knowing this message and what it may hold for all their futures, the three sisters must decide what to do with this information as it could change everything."