Proteus Art, and an update

Eyecandy first...
As you will have guessed at this point, I like to know what I am writing about and while being able to see something in your head is good, actually being able to physically see it in 3D is better.
This is the Harbinger, an Apeyron dreadnought class ship that will make its terrifying appearance in the upcoming Proteus New Horizons.
The two little ships by its side are Apeyron heavy cruisers, just do you get the idea of how big this thing is.

As for an update....
It may seem like things are quiet for me at the moment, but the truth is far from it and I am waiting to see how something works out before making an announcement. Lets just say I have been very busy working in the background.

Proteus New Horizons is currently being written and I have to admit, I have been distracted by other projects. Keep watching as which ever way this goes, it will be huge.