Proteus Art - Qidgee and Norcee

Continuing with the teaser introductions to the new ships due to appear in Proteus Evolution this is Norcee and Qidgee. Norcee is a second generation Titan although somewhat smaller than Miras, as you can see she is a monster of a ship. Norcee is very much the head girl, prim and proper and always thinks she is in charge even if her sisters tend to laugh at her and do what they want. Talking of the rebellious ones, to her side is Qidgee, technically the smallest of the Proteus ships. Qidgee is an utter hand full, with a potty mouth, a hyperactive nature and generally a complete pain in the backside. She is by far the weakest of the Proteus fleet though having minimal shields and no weapons yet she is unique in her abilities to form jump windows. She requires no recharge time and is amazingly accurate. She is also the fastest and most agile.