Proteus Art - Kelik Station

Introduced in Proteus The Long Way Round, Kelik Station is owned by the Dendritian Padaran Moss. It is a trading and diplomatic station for all the trade alliance races. Until this point I have a vague idea in my head of what I wanted to see, but this brings it all to life. The station has 8 large docking bays and 8 small docking bays, plus a central bay in the may complex for smaller ships. It is a massive station nearly 10 kilometers across. It is split in to 4 sections - the Upper central core where you will find all the shops, administration and diplomatic areas, plus living quarters. Then below that is the more industrial side with power generation, shield emitters and deuterium storage and on each side are the docking and cargo facilities with crew quarters. At any one time there are over two thousand people aboard Kelik with dozens of ships coming and going.