Proteus Art - Asteria

The Legends of Proteus tell of the four great families, children of the stars.
It is said, the Valkryia family was born of the hope of a world for a future.
The Hellions were born of hate and violence to stop an endless war.
The Hyperions were born of dominance and the thirst for dominion.
It is said though, the Asteria were born of kindness and empathy, yet they
are not fully Proteus, deep within their DNA, they have the hearts of gods.

The Asteria will make their secretive appearance in Proteus Unbound - Legacy Saga.
They are Proteus, but they are also very different from any of the other families. They are hybrids of a race that really shouldn't have Proteus ships at all.

(Update... Okay, artists are never happy and considering everything, I decided to go back to Asteria and look at them again. They are actually almost the same, but a few tweeks makes them far more impressive and strange. Much happier with this version)