Proteus Art - The Future that Never Was

There was a future, one where a simple mistake led to hell for the whole galaxy. It started with the destruction of Beletrix, home of the Alphians by their own hand as their scientific curiosity got out of control. This then sent the Emperor of the Apeyron insane as he mourned the loss of his son and set the Apeyron in to Civil war, one that spilled out to the rest of the galaxy.
Earth, Dendritia, Arisal and other worlds were wiped out in what became known as the Thousand Year War.
At the heart of the Apeyrons war efforts were fleet of Harbinger class ships, planet killers and the only force to stand in their way was an allience between Proteus and the Aemon.

This is the last stand of Arisal as the Harbinger closes in for the kill. Vexa, Grand Arbiter of the Proteus fleet tries desparately to save the world before its destruction.
(Merry Christmas Everyone!)