Proteus Evolution - Meet the family

Proteus Evolution, the 8th book in the Proteus Series has finally hit the shelves and before I introduce the book itself, I thought I would introduce you to the newborn Proteus ships as well as a few other ships that feature in the book, specifically Aurora's family...


Norcee is a third generation Titan class ship, although smaller than Miras she is quite frankly massive. She believes she is the groups leader but struggles with her siblings.

Hataka is unlike anything ever imagined by our friends. She is technically a Proteus Warship, heavily armoured and heavily armed. Looks can be rather deciving though as beyond her explosvie and aggressive nature she reads romance novels and is rather girly.

Cenya is not quite what she appears to be, a mini Titan of sorts she is no larger than Terrik or Lunar. She is lazy and can be explosive if you mention she is fat, but get to know her, she is hiding a secret from her sisters. She is seriously smart.

Qidgee is frankly a pain in the ass. She is hyperactive, annoying and plays far too many practical jokes. She is also the smallest and the fastest of the Proteus Fleet. She also tends to get herself in to a lot of trouble.

Corona is an Avoran Repair ship, and one that is highly unique and unusual. The Matriach of the Avoran ships, she cares for Aurora's sister ships Nova, Lumious and Pulsar, as well as the little experimental ship Eclipse. She is very old, fierce when she wants to be but has a good heart.

Eclipse is by my own admission, the Tiny Tim of the Avoran ships. An experimental prototype built shortly before the end of the Avoran civilisation, the technology she carried failed. Abandoned and left in Corona's care, she is very sick and needs a great deal of care.

That's it... fancy meeting them all? Grab a copy of Proteus Evolution.