Insight in to the Endless Saga

It seems like the last few months have been a blur of creativity for me creating the world of the endless saga which sees not only Symbiotica and Proteus crossing over but the launch of two new series, The Dystopian Detective and Pentalore.
Pentalore has already made its first appearance with The Forgotten Library so by the end prelude you are more or less clued in to this strange and dark world that exists in the very world we live in however with all four series crashing head first in to each other, as a writer it is difficult to keep your head totally focused.
At this moment I have Dystopian Detective The Ancient Girl, Proteus Dark Universe and Pentalore Darkseed all but finished and a few days from release, ironically at the same date on earth at least as when the books are set - the height of the summer solstice.
As a reader though you may not realise I write books in advance in order to sort out any continuity issues that may crop up.
So while I have been working on the three books above I have already written Pentalore Awakening and Proteus Dark Empire, with Symbiotica Monsters of Tokyo, Dystopian Detective The Tourist, Pentalore Legends, Proteus Of Darkness and Light and Proteus Ghosts already in the creative process with significant sections already done.
Let's just put that in realistic terms. That is ten books. To date I have published eleven books in total, so Endless is effectively a release as large as my previous works.
And I haven't even mentioned Dystopia Detective Unbound, Pentalore The Thirteen Sisters or Pentalore Destroyer of Worlds.
That doesn’t even start to look at the PG rework of Symbiotica books 1 to 4, the Symbiotica Pure Series which will cut out the more adult content or a potential fifth series to join the group.

In short, far too many ideas, and right now with ten books physically open something of a headache.

You don't have long to wait though.
I am hoping on the 21st you will see the first of the new books appearing on Smashwords mostly likely starting with Proteus Dark Universe and Dystopian Detective The Ancient Girl.

Keep watching the skies for a cloaked ship stealing a 10 feet tall fibreglass cupcake...