Time for a May Update

All seems to be happening at the moment and I have to admit, I have been quite pleased to have released both Pentalore The Forgotten Library and Symbiotica Dystopia & A Matter of Time over the last month.

Also it is worth noting the new shiny website and blog covering everything. My old blog was not exactly user friendly... nuff said.

However, you are in for a treat no matter which series you like, because you are about to get the motherload....

Everything that has been happening of late has been leading up to the Endless Saga. This will not only see more cross overs with Symbiotica and Proteus, but see the new Pentalore Series cross over in to Proteus and the launch of an entirely new series, The Dystopian Detective.

The Endless saga will be launched with three... yes, three books all being released on the same day.

The Dystopian Detective - The Ancient Girl
"Up in the mountains of the Yorkshire Pennines the longest day of the year rapidly approaches and for the locals, an event that they fear is upon them. Ella and her alien symbiote Shomis are sceptical of the legends and myths surrounding the so called Lost Girl of Tatterslong, a dark story that goes back hundreds of years, however with Shae and Amy both excited at the prospects of solving this mystery they indulge their curiosity.
As the dreaded night seems to pass without incident, Ella find her scepticism justified however when Amy doesn't come down to breakfast in their hotel, they find themselves facing not only a legend, but the fact one of their own has been abducted. It soon becomes apparent they are not the only paranormal forces at work in Tatterslong as they try to solve the riddle and find their friend before the sun sets on the day and the news that once it does, Amy will never be seen again."

Proteus - Dark Universe
"Things on Beletrix have settled down and with both Saya and Miras nearly ready to begin their work, they are dragged in to service unexpectedly when Lunar, Miras's younger sister ship suffers a terrible disaster and is stranded in subspace. Mother and daughter working together must try and rescue Lunar before she is utterly lost and a daring plan is formed, however within subspace itself, things are moving that should not be there. With time against them and lives at risk will Zenni and Saya be able to save the Lunar and her crew and what terrible discoveries will they find hiding in the space beyond our universe?"

Pentalore - Darkseed
"For Doctor Cali Darkholm, Essauberg was the perfect home. Having moved to the sleepy mountain town, she had set up a practice and grown to love the locals. Trying to piece her life back together after the car crash, her memory fragmented she finds herself up in the mountains with her best friend enjoying a little down time. Things never last though after being called out to a gruesome murder scene she find herself running for her life from creatures that defy belief. As these predators close in her find herself faced with her own past, finding her life is not quite what she had thought it was as she learn the secret of who she really is but perhaps more importantly, what she really is."

The Endless Saga will continue with...

Proteus - Dark Empire
Symbiotica - Monsters of Toyko
Proteus - Of Darkness and Light

And currently in writing are....
Dystopian Detective - The Tourist
Proteus - Ghosts
Pentalore - Awakening
Pentalore - Legends
Pentalore - The Thirteen Sisters

I know... I am a glutton for punishment....

Keep watching the skys....