Artwork - Saya from Proteus

When I sat down with the basic ideas for Saya, I have a few things to think about. Saya is technically a child in her own way. She is only half her adult size so I had to think about what a "baby" starship would look like and I took a few cues from nature. Saya features the basic Proteus ship body plan although you may notice she is a little different from Koli. Miras, her mother is one of the Proteus Titan's which have a slightly different body plan from Koli or Terrik.
The main theme though is the fact while very beautiful and streamlined, she is rather gangly too with far longer "arms" than is natural for her body size which is still quite small, much like most baby animals are (all arms and legs).

(Updated with new 3D models, textures and design work)